Our goal? Spark a nation-wide movement of reflection and imagination centered on this milestone birthday and the generous act of giving a gift to Canada. Our first gift? The imagiNation 150 Handbook. It’s available in both official languages. Short on time? The quick and dirty Guidebook which is perfect for individuals thinking about their personal gift.

Great gifts and lasting legacies take planning. The Handbook is your guide to forming a committee and organizing your community’s efforts. It’s something that everybody can use – from government and local organizations to residents of all ages. As you are using the Handbook, we hope you’ll let us know what works well, what can be improved, and what doesn’t work. We’ll be working behind the scenes, collecting feedback from across the country to improve the Handbook in future revisions. This is V 1.0 Beta, and with your help, we look forward to honing it into a thing of beauty. Here’s to Canada!